Instant Recipes (eBook)

Dear Reader,

I have been posting Recipes on Evergreen Recipes from past one year. I am happy to announce that we have now over 250+ awesome recipes which has been visited millions of times.

It is a really happy moment for someone who spends 5 to 6 hours a day in front a Computer despite being a mother to a 10 month old baby boy.  I keep getting emails from readers who appreciate my efforts of making the process of cooking delicious food fun and easy.

I am also being asked to recommend which Recipe to pick for Lunch, Dinner, Party or what to cook being a first timer. I try my best to answer each and every email I get, but I is a never ending process.

Here is an eBook for you

Instant Spices Instant Recipes (eBook)

That’s why I decided to do something about it, I spent my Sunday afternoon to create an eBook which contains all time favorite Recipes. I sat in front of my Laptop and Hand Picked the best recipes and packed them into an eBook, which I am giving it for Free.

But you will have to earn it

Despite the fact that I am giving it to you for Free, I still have to pay bills and you can help me do that. When you click the Download button below, you will be prompted to fill up few surveys. Please go ahead and full up a survery and you will be able to download the eBook. You will not be charged anything, except for you time (approx 2 minutes), but it will help me keep working on the website and keep providing you such recipes.

Grab this opportunity to Download this eBook for FREE.